Research Policy And Promotions

Research Policy

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are hubs for scholarly inquiry and the source of priceless knowledge. A good learning happens only when there is research in the ambience. The spirit of enquiry and exploration kindles and nurture meaningful learning

The college is dedicated to encourage a research culture among faculty and students. The research policy of the college aims to realize the vision and mission of the college and to identify research areas of academic, practical, and social significance in order to contribute to national development. It also aims to develop and promote the scientific temperament and research aptitude among faculty members and students.


To promote interdisciplinary research and establish policies or involving external Agencies / experts in such projects
To create an awareness about patents and Intellectual Property Rights and motivate them to

Apply for Aatents

To take initiative for granting study leave, sabbatical leave, duty leave, seed money, reduction in workload, etc. to deserving faculty members for advanced research
To create an ecosystem for innovations including Incubation center and other initiatives for

Creation and Transfer of Knowledge

To establish links with local, national, regional and global institutions through MoU.
To engage in consultancy and extension activities
To increase external funding for doing research by way of writing proposals to Government and Non-government agencies
To implement research-based learning
To ensure integrity, quality and ethics in research