Defence Studies (Or) Defence And Strategic Studies

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Department of B.A - Defence Studies (Or) Defence And Strategic Studies

B.A. Defense Studies is the discipline which covers all strategic as well as domestic issues that influence the security or defense of the country.
The course study helps the applicants to pick up adequate military education basically in its historical as well as geographical areas. As the students gains awareness on war and its related issues, they can assist government in strategic policy development (to tackle those problems).Those who finish the course successfully are highly recommended in defense.
The course prepares candidates to work as Defense Delivery Head in Defense Ministry that offer them a handsome salary. A degree in Defense Studies promotes the development and improvement of military education and creation of awareness about national security among civilians.
This course helps candidates to study of national security as its interdisciplinary and encompasses aspects like military geography and geopolitics, technology and science, economics of defense, conflict resolution and conflict management etc.