Pollachi College of Arts and Science is the first and foremost arts college to be in the Pollachi to Dharapuram main road with affordability of education, precedence for the college. PCAS was established in the year 2014. Through a historic decision fostered by the college community and board of trustees, The Hayagreeva Trust meets 100 percentage of demonstrated financial requirement of acknowledged students through an assortment of allowances and campus scholarships. Pollachi College of Arts and Science’s initiators have been resolute to affirm the cost of education within the access of masses in our land. In provision of the college’s enduring liability to need-blind admission, The Hayagreeva Trust makes it achievable for talented students from all backgrounds to envision learning in Pollachi College of Arts and Science, and for graduates to shape their futures based on their pursuits and passions.

The Hayagreeva Trust aids to fathom that historic goal, and through it, sustains a diverse academic community united by intelligence, curiosity, courage, ambition and character. By ensuring access for all students, Hayagreeva Trust keeps faith with its past and secures its future. We are determined to focus on access to education & knowledge, the concept of knowledge, creation of knowledge, application of knowledge and the development of better knowledge services.

Academics in the college

Being a student of Pollachi College of Arts and Science, you shall learn to analyse complex questions rigorously and to express yourself eloquently to multiple audiences. You will take intellectual risks because you intend to dwell with equally talented people with diverse backgrounds. Collaborating past boundaries of race, economic status and political affiliation, our students oblige the common good.

Facilities in the college

Pollachi College of Arts and Science provide academic resources and technology to provision your success while pursuing a degree. The centre for teaching and learning, located in the library, bestows tutoring, writing, speaking and digital literacy services to abet you in your academic enhancement. Our information Technology Services associates you to campus systems designed to enhance your academic experience and support your technology needs.