To provide an excellence in the fields of business and economics through value based commerce education & training.


Students become innovative leaders; contribute to the success of organizations and betterment of the society.
To train them with required skills for self-employment.
To prepare students for higher education in Commerce and Business Studies.
To impart holistic education using state of the art technology and infra structure leading to development of qualified professionals.


To produce commerce graduates who possess the skills, problem solving tools and professionalism essential for being successful.
To enable them to prepare for lifelong learning by nurturing independent thinking.
To provide exposure to business decision making skills.
To prepare high quality human resources for Teaching and Research.
To provide a platform to actualize student's talents and encourage them to mould their passion into profession.
To provides exposure to learners in the latest trends in relevant branches of knowledge, competence and creativity to face global challenges.
To provide career oriented education to the students to avail better job opportunities.
To inculcate discipline as a value among students.
To understand the challenging trends in the industry and give inputs to the students to make them readily employable.
To invite the experts from industry to address our students on the current issues or trends in the industry.