To generate adequate knowledge based on Defence Studies which involves National Security and strategic affairs reflecting its co-existence with other disciplines and make it more pertinent to national ethos and enhance employability in uniform services, empirical research, intelligence wing and also in academic field


The department is established to uphold the capacity and capability of young minds to gain awareness and insight on the National Interest, National value, National Security issues in and around the world.
The faculties are very keen on the character building, personality development, and developing moral conduct of young brains.
The department imparts exposure of several kinds ranging from webinars to seminars and workshops, fieldtrips and extension activities for the benefit of students.
To empower the young citizens to acquire extensive knowledge on Military History, National Security, International Relations and Foreign Policy of India.
To provide ample scope and opportunity to make the students to get prepared for the UPSC, TNPSC and other competitive exams of the uniform services and also employment in other departments in state and National levels.